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GooGoo Bird Cartoon Designed Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Cartoon Designed



-Multi purposes - Showering, swimming, playing -Eco Friendly Material -Thick, Durable, & Comfortable -Easy to carry -This product is suitable for new born and above -It is made off eco-friendly material -This pool is design with safety valve so that it can be easy to inflate and deflate -After water is fill into it, the shape of the swimming pool will remain unchanged -The outfall point built on the bottom of the swimming pool can easily release water out of the swimming pool Measurement 115 x 80 x 32CM 130 x 85 x 48CM 150 x 100 x 50CM 180 x 125 x 56CM 210 x 135 x 56CM 260 x 165 x 56CM 305 x 175 x 56CM

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